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Dorothy or Alice?

How do we choose?

We here at Spicy Horse find that we want to do both OZombie and Alice: Otherlands but the cost and resources just are not available to us. So, how do we choose? It still comes back to our negotiations with Electronic Arts for a licensing agreement to produce a new Alice title. Should we reach an agreement, then come July, it's full steam ahead on a Kickstarter for Alice. If we cannot, to Oz with Dorothy we shall go. Just which game will be Kickstarted will be announced the day the Kickstarter begins!

Not Brainless Zombies

Well, not exactly. You see, the Scarecrow may be looking for brains but really his goal is to remove all of the magic and creativity from Oz creating a world of mindless automatons - zombies. Imagine, Oz with all of the verve and vim gone as conformity takes over. Is there anything more Zombie-esque?

The Minds of the Greats

London is in peril and it's children need saving. Alice, having saved herself and mastered both the mental and physical realms, can now enter the Wonderlands of others helping where needed. But the London of Alice's time was full of amazing people, like Jules Verne. Imagine, had she entered Verne's mind and dived 20,000 leagues under the sea...

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Spicy Horse Games in Shanghai is HIRING.  We're ramping-up staff in preparation for either OZombie or Alice: Otherlands development. Are you an experienced programmer with a solid grasp of Unity3D? A game play programmer, mobile (iOS/Android) programmer or other tech-enabled unit? Contact us via: These positions are open for those willing to live/work in Shanghai. Relocation is available in special cases. Better if you're already in Shanghai or China. We are NOT currently looking to hire artists, sound/composers or other positions.

Official announcement about which project we'll build will come when the Kickstarter launches in July.

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