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Linux Beta Goes Live

Release Notes (of a sort):

The launcher is basically a torrent client which woks with our game delivery platform. It automatically updates your game to the latest version. Installation instructions for the platforms can be found here:

Public Beta

Starting with this release, the client goes public and will use the same servers as the windows and mac client. Your games characters will be availabel on any platform but characters from the private beta are now unavailable.

Fullscreen Warning

In some cases fullscreen mode will set the resolution higher than your display can handle. Please ensure that you have the proper GPU driver and display detected correctly. If you have a problem, simply remove "conifg/unity3d/SpicyHorse/Akaneiro/prefs" in your directory and play in windowed mode.

Supported platforms

Debian 7.0
xUbuntu 13.04
xUbuntu 12.10
xUbuntu 12.04
openSUSE 12.3
openSUSE 12.2
openSUSE 12.1
Fedora 18
Fedora 17

For problems and question please contact support.

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