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Greetings Troy!

The past 72 hours since Rippln went live has been crazy.  Since we "unveiled" the ripple for the first time, we've had exactly 57,000 people join in 183 countries around the world...
And it's growing fast... 
We all WANT to see our ripple effect, and we WANT to get rewarded for the value WE create in the world.
This is just the beginning.  As we continue to share this message with the world, your ripple will grow bigger and bigger and bigger. I hope you’re ready for a wild ride. There are some important updates in this email, so please pay attention.

Rippln 101 Class

Tomorrow night we are hosting the first official 'Rippln 101 Class' at 9:00pm EST, you can RSVP and tune in here:
Click here to RSVP and tune in

This will be an education packed presentation, bringing you deeper behind the scenes of Rippln. You'll discover the answers to some of your biggest questions, plus you will learn far more about how Rippln is changing lives across the globe. This is more than just getting paid for the ripple effect you have on the world... this is a MOVEMENT. You'll see what we mean tomorrow.
Click here to confirm your seat for the event. We recommend all Ripplers attend.

Phase 1 of the Rollout: Creating Buzz

We have officially entered into “Phase 1 of the Rollout: Creating Buzz”.  For the next 60 days, Rippln will create a massive buzz in the marketplace in anticipation of our first App release.  As we’re in this buzz phase, we’re approving the use of the Rippln media we’ve designated in the back office.  HOWEVER, DO NOT show your back office or show screenshots.

You can now share Rippln approved media with your contacts or communities to show them what Rippln is all about. If they’re interested, send them an invite to join the ripple and start tracking THEIR ripple effect on the world.
If you have any questions about how to use the Rippln logo, name, or media, please email:
We are getting ready to release a platform that truly transcends what’s existed in the marketplace and we’re serious about making sure our brand is adequately represented. It is important in this period that we all make sure the messages we are sharing are congruent and the world knows what we’re truly about.
With that said... we couldn’t be MORE excited for each and everyone of you. This is the first time in history we’re tracking how YOUR social graph moves across the marketplace. You now have total transparency and as you grow your ripple over the next 60 days, you are truly positioning yourself to be REWARDED for the value you create like never before.

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