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Chapter 1


Want a sneak peek inside the ripple movement?
Here's a true story of something that is happening all over the ripple already. And it's just beginning...
Follow this:
One of our American ripple-makers was surprised to see his ripple somehow spreading like wild in the U.K. He was curious how it happened, so he asked a friend one ripple away from him.
That friend said, "Oh, one of my friends who joined me in the ripple is a DJ (Disc Jockey) here, and he's friends with the top DJ's in London. He told the London guys about the ripple and they loved it. They are spreading it to all their friends right now."
Within 1 hour, the guys all set up a group face-to-face hangout online and our curious ripple-maker was actually talking face-to-face with 2 of the top DJ's in London. And guess what? They bonded instantly and the DJ's invited the American guy to come to London so that they could show him London in a way that normal tourists would never see.
But the story doesn't end there...
The American ripple-makers started discovering other curious connections that were forming inside their ripple (like a group of professional basketball players in France who LOVE the ripple).
And a new idea was born:
What if a handful of ripple-makers hopped on a plane and started tracing their ripple throughout the world? And caught the whole adventure on film?
Very quickly, this "documentary" idea started to catch:
* About the new era of connectivity that the ripple provides
* About the financial transparency that is f-i-n-a-l-l-y possible, to reveal the real power of our ever-expanding networks
* About the sheer fun of playing a game that pays you to share it  
And right now, there is a small but growing team of ripple-makers who are plotting their quest to track their ripple to the furthest regions of the earth. (Hint: somehow their ripple made it into they are dreaming of a safari to spot wild elephants and zebra). 
We believe that Rippln is setting in motion a new potential for connectivity and relationships across the planet. 
We believe that Rippln is the first vehicle to show transparency into the value of your network.
The big tech giants already know the value of your friends and they make billions from your sharing.
We believe it is time to share in the power of our networks and actually EXPAND our player's networks into every nook and cranny of the world. 
These are exciting times my friends. And this is just the beginning.
Now: we want to hear from YOU. Do you have a curious connection story from your ripple yet? We want to hear it.
Hop over to our Rippln Facebook fanpage and share with us the most surprising connection your ripple has created for you so far.
Just a simple post like, "I told my Uncle about the ripple, and he is friends with (a popular rapper, a movie star, an athlete, a popular activist in Uganda, a big-time blogger, etc) and they got in the ripple too!"
We love hearing your stories. Hop over to our Facebook fan page and share your story now:
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