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Movie Site, Gofobo® Achieves a 98% Delivery Rate and a 71% Increase in Open Rates with SendGrid

"[SendGrid has] the tools to help you effectively manage your transactional and marketing email as well as the credibility and expertise to help you build campaigns that will get you the results you deserve."

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The Customer: Gofobo

Movies First. Prizes Fast.

Gofobo® is the premier website for movie fans to get free tickets and win great prizes. Users can see new movies for free, enter contests, go to live events, share reviews, and connect with each other. As a central hub to the movie business, movie fans can create their own experiences around their favorite form of entertainment.

The Challenge

High spam reports and poor infrastructure resulted in low email delivery and poor customer satisfaction.

When Gofobo® first raised the curtain on their business, they sent a maximum of 2,000 emails per day in the form of targeted confirmation emails, notifications, and user group communications. However, as popularity of the site grew, email volume increased to 1.5 million emails per month, sometimes reaching 3.75 million emails sent monthly, putting a great strain on their hosting company that was not used to dealing with such high volumes.

As a result, Gofobo’s email program started to suffer. With email delivery rates at 52%, almost half of their users never received their messages. Open rates were good at 35% but spam reports reached a high of 5% creating a cyclical pattern of low email deliverability. Poor analytical data from their hosting company coupled with their inability to deal with Gofobo’s growth forced Gofobo® to seek out a solution that could better adapt to the needs of their organization. When talking to one of their vendors, they heard about SendGrid.


A scalable platform that is flexible and delivers the metrics they need to improve performance on a daily basis.

It’s been 1½ years since Gofobo® entrusted their mail streams to the SendGrid platform. While they had a complex system, the SendGrid platform was easily modified to provide the synchronization and data they needed to focus their energies on product improvements rather than email management.

• Using the Event Webhook, Gofobo® can now keep a close eye on their metrics especially through the use of tags to monitor how their email campaigns are performing.

• With the Spam Checker app, they can keep a closer eye on their email streams to avoid or fix problems before they escalate and affect email delivery.

• Additionally, Gofobo® leverages SendGrid Labs’ load testing tool,, to stress test existing and new applications in development. simulates up to 50,000 connections to their app providing them with real-time load testing results shareable via graphics and key stats. With this information, they have the data they need to test and improve performance prior to releasing their app to the public.


A new infrastructure helped lower spam reports which in turn resulted in higher email delivery and open rates.

Today Gofobo® enjoys a healthy email delivery rate that ranges between 96-98%. While open rates were high at 35% before, they increased their opens by 71% once their delivery rates improved, and now enjoy an incredible 60% open rate.

Underlying their good delivery, spam complaints dropped from 5% to just .05%. And while they currently use SendGrid for their transactional email streams, they now have plans to use the SendGrid Newsletter App to send marketing email and enjoy some of the same stellar results they’ve achieved with their transactional email campaigns.

Client Feedback

Dan Ellis, Director of Development – Sr. Developer – Technical Architect

"The SendGrid platform is easy to use and provides the necessary data you need to make smart decisions for your business. Implementation was easy, even with our complex system and we’ve experienced very few delivery problems since employing SendGrid. They have the tools to help you effectively manage your transactional and marketing email as well as the credibility and expertise to help you build campaigns that will get you the results you deserve. If you use the platform and work with their APIs, you’re guaranteed excellent results."