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Ez Texting Transforms Customer Service Team into a Powerful Marketing Tool with SendGrid

"Every staff member happily uses SendGrid because it helps them do their jobs more effectively and maximizes the experience for our customers."

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The Customer: Ez Texting

A refreshingly simple, surprisingly affordable SMS Marketing Service.

Ez Texting is an affordable text message marketing solution for businesses, small, groups, and individuals. Ez Texting provides web-based text messaging services to over 50,000 clients ranging from small organizations to Fortune 500 firms. They have been featured in publications like Mobile Marketer, E-Commerce Times, New York Newsday, Investors Daily and Boston Herald, and the New York Times.

The Challenge

Lack of email data resulted in depleted resources and increased costs.

Despite being a texting service, Ez Texting sends over 75,000 marketing and transactional emails per month. In addition to their marketing team, their customer service representatives and community managers are frequent users of time-sensitive transactional email sending messages on account level billing issues, message forwarding, security messages and other customer service issues.

However, they didn’t have good metrics into their response rates and zero insight into the results of their transactional emails. Both their representatives and community managers were also spending an inordinate amount of time troubleshooting issues they didn’t have the infrastructure or information to solve for. As such, it became increasingly important to categorize their email streams and obtain the metrics that allowed them to track results quickly.


A web based platform that every staff member can use to access real time analytics.

Ez Texting chose SendGrid based on numerous recommendations from peers plus SendGrid’s easy integration allowed them get up and running quickly.

Incoming SMS to email message forwarding is a popular feature among a certain subset of Ez Texting users. Many Ez Texting users who need advanced integration with internal systems, but who are not able to use their messaging API, rely on this email forwarding functionality to feed incoming message data into internal systems. Gaining access to SendGrid’s tracking features on those emails was a huge win for customer service among that subset of users.


Customer Service Representatives and Community Managers join the Marketing Team.

By implementing SendGrid, Ez Texting gained access to an easy to use infrastructure that provided real time analytics to their staff.

Marketing now has the open, click and unsubscribe data that allows them to segment and tailor their marketing messages accordingly.
Customer service reps can now access a wealth of information and give solid answers, making the SendGrid platform an invaluable customer service tool.
Community Managers now use response and deliverability data to quickly resolve issues that had to be escalated in the past, saving the department 6 hours each week and allowing them to provide more support to our customers.

Client Feedback

Josh Malin, Marketing Director

"SendGrid helped transform us into a more customer-centric business. Armed with the right data, every facet of our department now has the tools and information to tailor their communications to our customers accordingly. Even our customer service is now viewed as a valuable marketing vehicle. Every staff member happily uses SendGrid because it helps them do their jobs more effectively while maximizing the experience for our customers."