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Developer Marketplace, Binpress Spends 97.5% Less Time Administering Email With SendGrid

"We went from spending 20 hours per month administering our own email to 30 minutes per month with SendGrid."

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The Customer: Binpress

The Marketplace for Developers

Binpress is a discovery service for high-quality source-code packages that are easy to implement, and save endless development hours and costs. Binpress helps create a passive revenue stream that curates developer expertise and skills and sells their code online while avoiding the hassle of marketing, billing and legal issues.

The Challenge

Bootstrapped Start-Up Needed to Reserve Manpower for Product Development, Not Email Operations

As a new start-up, the founders were already aware of the headaches associated with email delivery. Having run a web development shop prior to starting Binpress that deployed emails for clients, they were all too familiar with the impact that delivery failures could have on the success of their email programs having had clients with delivery rates of 30%.

When they started Binpress, the founders knew that having a sound email infrastructure would be key to growing the business. But they did not have the manpower to build and maintain it themselves nor the in-house deliverability expertise to ensure delivery to the inbox. As a result, they decided to look for a cloud based service that could manage their email and easily integrate with their system.


SendGrid Was Selected Over Amazon SES for Ease of Use, Scalability and Deliverability

Binpress decided to test both SendGrid and Amazon SES to identify which email infrastructure system would better serve their needs. After two days of testing, Binpress selected SendGrid as their vendor of choice. The flexibility, scalability, reporting and ease of integration proved to be a better fit for their growing organization. By changing one line in their server and the port, they were able to start sending emails in under five minutes, and subsequently experienced a significant uptick in their email deliverability rates.


Achieved Over 95% Delivery Rate and a Time Savings of 97.5%.

Today Binpress sends over 100,000 emails per month in the form of marketing and transactional messages that confirm purchases and update customers on new products and information.

They have real-time access to spam and bounce reports which they use to gauge content effectiveness and customer interest. And while they seldom have delivery problems, they rely on the SendGrid team to perform periodic ISP mediation and to keep them compliant for optimum deliverability. Their delivery rate is over 95%.

Most importantly, they were able to focus their development resources on building their product, rather than on email operations. Today they spend about 30 minutes per month on administering email down from 20 hours per month – a time savings of 97.5% which has exponential monetary value for their business.

Client Feedback

Adam Benayoun, CEO

"SendGrid really helped move our business forward. We can focus on our customers without worrying about email deliverability. We went from spending 20 hours per month administering our own email to 30 minutes per month with SendGrid, and our delivery rate is over 95%. Let’s just say we’ll be sticking with SendGrid for the long run."