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How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

Building an engaged subscriber list is one of the most important aspects of email marketing. Taking the time to grow your email list the right way, and not renting, buying, or sharing lists, will reap you long-term benefits. In this fun interactive guide, we’ll share 6 strategies that will help you build and maintain an engaged email marketing list.

2017 Global Email Benchmark Report


We collected and analyzed email data from nearly 50 billion messages from over 100,000 different senders to nearly 2 billion different recipient addresses to create our new version of the 2017 Global Email Benchmark Report. See how engagement and email consumption has changed over the last year in the top 25 industries that send email through SendGrid.

Learn takeaways like:

  • The Technology industry saw one of the largest increases in open rate and unique open rate, which could be a result of lowering the number of messages they send each month.
  • 8 industries were desktop dominant in 2016 vs. only 2 in 2017 (Insurance and Government). Only insurance went in the opposite direction of the trend, with a decrease of mobile usage from 50% to 48%.
  • Gmail has gained even more market share across the countries our senders are sending email to. Even in countries like Germany, where GMX was most popular last year, Gmail is now the most common inbox provider
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2017 Email Deliverability Guide


The newest version of SendGrid’s most popular guide has been updated with the most up-to-date information about the world of email reputation, authentication, and infrastructure. It’s been reviewed by SendGrid’s email deliverability experts and our VP of Industry Relations, Len Shneyder, to make sure it will help you improve your email program.

What’s inside the guide?

  • Updated inboxing stats
  • Added guidance on role accounts
  • Definitions of spam traps and how to avoid them
  • Positive and negative engagement signals that are monitored by senders and ISPs
  • Updated win-back campaign strategy
  • Additional security questions to ask yourself
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104 Email Marketing Myths, Experiments, and Inspiration

104 Email Tips

This email marketing guide was developed with our friends at HubSpot to provide senders with more than 100 ideas for making changes and improvements to their email programs. The guide covers myths, or false assumptions, that many marketers fall victim to, experiments and tests you can implement, and inspirational ideas you may not be using yet.

Here’s a sample:

  • Myth #2 – Unsubscribes are THE WORST – Unsubscribes aren’t bad. In fact, an unsubscribe is simply someone telling you they no longer want your messages. By removing them, you can improve the quality of your list and prevent unengaged recipients from marking your messages as spam.
  • Experiment #52 – Subject line emojis – Emojis are great for some contacts and come across as less professional to others. Test to see what types of subject line characters your contacts prefer to see.
  • Inspiration #97 – Reward your VIPs – Rather than simply testing new campaigns to brand ambassadors and high-engagers, consider giving them a special promotion or offer to thank them for their interest.


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Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Stay Out of the Spam Folder


If your customers depend on receiving emails for password changes, friend requests, or purchase confirmations, losing an email to the spam folder could result in revenue loss. Our Top 10 Tips and Tricks to Stay Out of the Spam Folder guide provides the insight and actionable tips that will improve your sender reputation and position your email program as one worthy of the inbox.

Learn how to:

  • Monitor your sender reputation and what to do if you see it slipping.
  • Optimize content for both machines (Internet Service Providers) and your recipients.
  • Recognize spam myths – learn why following some former best practices may no longer be helping you stay out of the spam folder.
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Global Email Benchmark Report

Global Email Benchmark Report

SendGrid’s inaugural Global Email Benchmark Report dives into the engagement metrics of email sent through SendGrid to help you improve your sending strategy and increase the effectiveness of your email program. The insights and data for this report came from 30 billion emails from about 100,000 different senders to over 1.5 billion different recipients.

  • Benchmark email metrics for monthly send rate, open rate, and click-to-open rate.
  • The top 5 inbox providers and devices or platforms used by recipients in the countries SendGrid customers send to most often.
  • Advice from SendGrid experts on how senders in each industry could alter their email programs to improve engagement.
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2017 Interactive A-Z of Email Marketing Guide

2017 Interactive A-Z of Email Marketing Guide

Email marketing is one of your strongest channels for ROI and customer acquisition, so the more informed you are about best practices, the more return you’ll see. So from A (Audience) to Z (Zone In On Your VIP Recipients) and every letter in between, let this interactive guide help you step up your email game in 2017.

Email Segmentation Guide

Segmenting emails, a tactic every email marketer should (and can!) master, produces relevant and valuable messages that your readers are more likely to read and respond to. Email Service Providers (ESPs), such as SendGrid, provide email metrics and engagement analytics that can help determine segmentation groups so you can fine-tune your messages and deliver messages that will motivate readers to engage with your email. Go to Resource ›

The Expert’s Guide to Email Marketing

The Expert’s Guide to Email Marketing taps into the experience and knowledge of email marketing professionals that send messages to millions of recipients. Learn about their success and what they keep in mind before hitting send.

  • 5 different sections covering subject lines, calls to action, images, segmentation, and content.
  • Advice on what you should concentrate on with your email program.
  • Tips for improving your email program from experts with years of experience.
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Recess Rules of Email Marketing

Recess Rules of Email Marketing

Feeling nostalgic? Rewind back to simpler times with SendGrid’s Recess Rules of Email Marketing Guide. It provides a fresh spin on the rules of email marketing and includes tips and tricks on how to create and maintain a successful program. What’s inside the guide?

  • Rules of thumb for email marketers
  • Advice on how to implement best practices and concepts
  • Resources to help improve your sending and content
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2016 Email Deliverability Guide

2016 Email Deliverability Guide

22% of legitimate email never makes it to the inbox. If email drives your business, then email deliverability is mission critical to your success. SendGrid’s Deliverability Guide provides key insights into the factors that affect whether or not your email makes it to the inbox. It includes best practices that every developer and marketer should know.

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Email Marketing 101 Tips

email marketing 101 tips

When you sit down to develop a new email marketing program or campaign, where should you start? We recommend starting with this content bundle! Our aim is to help pave a rock-solid foundation for you to build the rest of your program on by tackling your:

  • Strategy
  • Welcome email
  • Content
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