What to do when Amazon decides to jump into your business

February 17, 2013

Sendgrid, a cloud-based email delivery provider, went up against Amazon after the company introduced its transactional email service in January 2011. Well, it’s been three years and not only is Sendgrid still in business, it’s thriving.

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SendGrid adds Parse, Stackmob, Azure integrations

December 13, 2012

SendGrid keeps moving toward ubiquity. The company, which brings e-mail delivery to popular applications like foursquare, Pinterest, and Airbnb, now integrates with Parse, Stackmob and Windows Azure mobile-backend-as-a-service (MbaaS) options.

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SendGrid's Hiring Goals Highlighted by NBC News

December 7, 2012

SendGrid was featured in a December 2012 NBC Nightly News piece on the job market. SendGrid's CEO Jim Franklin was asked to speak about employment opportunities at SendGrid and our aggressive hiring goals. He stated that "in the broader economy there is unemployment—in the technology sector there is full employment."

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Cloud tag team: SendGrid & Twilio partner on email, SMS, & voicemail solutions for the enterprise

December 4, 2012

In a partnership that makes so much sense it’s crazy, cloud-focused messaging startups SendGrid and Twilio have teamed up to empower SendGrid enterprise customers with a suite of messaging tools, including transactional emails, SMS, voicemails, and push notifications.

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SendGrid and Twilio team up to offer email, SMS, voice and push notifications for the enterprise market

December 4, 2012

Cloud-based email service SendGrid has teamed up with Twilio to integrate SMS, voice and push notifications into its platform. With the goal of creating a “multi-messaging platform for the enterprise,” SendGrid explains that this move is one piece of its strategy to “offer a complete cloud messaging service by bringing together best-of-breed technology partners.”

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Ten of Southern California's Top Software Companies

November 16, 2012

Southern California is often criticized for having too many startups which only revolve around brand, celebrity, ecommerce, and marketing, and not enough of the traditional, software-and-algorithm intensive startups you'd expect to see in Silicon Valley.

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How Sendgrid Makes Sure Those App Emails Go Through, With Jim Franklin

November 13, 2012

If you're an application developer, sending emails through your application can be a chore. It turns out it's not just a quick line of code to send an email -- it's also a hassle to make sure that those emails get delivered, that your email isn't classified as spam, and handling all sorts of delivery issues. How do you offload all those headaches? Sendgrid (www.sendgrid.com) has stepped into that void, providing application programming interfaces (APIs) and all the infrastructure required to handle that email delivery.

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Could downtown Denver be the next Silicon Valley?

November 5, 2012

Those footing the bill for October's extravaganza hope CampuScene and other startups will follow the path of SendGrid, a Boulder-based tech company with money to spend and high-paying jobs to fill. Founded in 2009 and backed by more than $27 million in funding, the company opened a 15,000-square-foot office in Larimer Square during Startup Week. "We'll be starting off with 25 employees," said SendGrid chief executive Jim Franklin, who works from the Denver office. "We have room to grow to 100."

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Ideas Are Worthless Until You Execute On Them

October 31, 2012

The inspiration to start a company can come from many places. Some startup founders look at challenges in the world, and decide to fix them. Others have a chance encounter with someone influential, and walk away feeling the urge to build and create. For SendGrid founder Isaac Saldana, his inspiration came from a bit of both.

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Dave McClure: hottest investments, favorite start-ups, biggest screwups, and clueless founders

August 24, 2012

Dave McClure is one of the most prominent angel investors in Silicon Valley — and possibly the world. His accelerator, 500 Startups, will fund its 500th company sometime this year.

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