SendGrid Launches Triggered Email Service with Threads

October 8, 2015

SendGrid, the leading email delivery platform for email that matters, today announced the expansion of its leading email platform with the launch of Threads by SendGrid, a new behavior driven, triggered email service. Threads by SendGrid empowers marketers with the ability to send a hyper-relevant message to a user at the right time – strengthening customer engagement, retention, loyalty and driving revenue.

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SendGrid Unveils New Product that Sends Emails Based on User Activity

October 8, 2015

Traditionally known as an email delivery platform, SendGrid is spicing things up a bit with the launch of Threads, a service that triggers emails based on specific user behaviors. It automates email messaging when certain actions are taken, such as a user abandoning a shopping cart or not spending enough time on a site.

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SendGrid Launches Threads, A Triggered Email Service For Marketers

October 8, 2015

Threads allows customers to set up automated emails that get sent based on user activity — so you could send an email whenever a customer views a specific web page, uses a specific feature or performs a certain action in your mobile app.

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How Lucy Sanders Tackles Gender Inequity: Data, Research, Humor

October 4, 2015

SendGrid's partnership with the National Center for Women & Information Technology has become a catalyst to launch a more formal diversity strategy.

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At Boulder's SendGrid, 'You've Got Mail' Takes on a Whole New Meaning

October 3, 2015

SendGrid has processed a half trillion emails and is attracting some of tech's sexiest names as customers, including Spotify, Uber and Airbnb

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Choosing The Right Call To Action: What Do We Need To Ask Of Our Subscribers?

September 28, 2015

When you're creating your calls to action, don't ignore the user experience. Columnist Paul Ford has some tips for ensuring that your recipients respond well and engage with your CTAs.

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Apple Devices Experience Fall in Email Open Rates

September 17, 2015

Email open rates on Apple devices have stagnated while Android is on the rise, according to research by SendGrid.

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When it Comes to Email in Europe, Android Trumps Apple

September 15, 2015

Aaron Beach, senior data scientist at SendGrid, shares his insights on the company’s email usage stats across Europe.

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The Third “S” To A Successful App: Street Smarts

September 11, 2015

We have discussed how scalability and simplicity are leading factors to an app’s success, but in addition to having a strong coding skill set, developers need street smarts, or knowledge of the state of the market and of themselves. Why? Because an app is unlikely to reach its full potential and achieve success without the developer knowing their strengths and what markets to build for. That is the third “S” to successful app.

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Why Accelerators Are Getting Hotter Than B School

September 9, 2015

According to Global Accelerator Network calculations, roughly 65 percent of start-ups that graduated from one of the network's more than 70 member accelerators raise funding after leaving, while another third successfully raise a second round of financing. Well-known companies, like Dropbox, Reddit, Meerkat, and SendGrid, have all passed through accelerator programs.

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