These Colorado devs are crushing it on GitHub, part 2

June 26, 2014

We all hear about the great products being built within Colorado’s digital startups. But we often hear about this digital work in the eyes of CEOs instead of our city’s most dedicated and creative employees: our developers.

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Inc. 35 Under 35 - SendGrid

June 24, 2014

Isaac Saldana wants to build tools that make life easier for developers. SendGrid is just the start.

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'Reset the Net' Promotes Security at Enterprise and Individual Levels

June 5, 2014

“Reset the Net” supporter SendGrid, announced that all email sent via SendGrid would employ transport layer security (TLS).

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SendGrid Aims to Get Marketers and Developers Singing Off Same Page with New Release

June 5, 2014

Good sending habits, according to SendGrid, includes dropping non-responsive respondents, understanding the path of engagement and generally sending responsibly.

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VIDEO: SendGrid CEO Jim Franklin gives peek at new Boulder headquarters

May 30, 2014

A tour of SendGrid's Boulder offices along with a video interview of SendGrid CEO Jim Franklin discussing why it was important for SendGrid to keep a presence there, and what else might be in store for the company soon.

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The war on spam: How will Outlook's new email rules affect business?

May 20, 2014

On 13 May, the war on spam continued as Outlook introduced a series of new advanced rules. While this is great news for users who are fatigued by unwanted email and want to reduce spam, Outlook’s new rules will have implications for businesses looking to reach their customers.

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SendGrid Boosts Hiring, Expands In Colorado

May 16, 2014

Boulder-based SendGrid, which develops email delivery software and services to developers, is expanding its presence in Colorado, saying that it has relocated to a new and larger space in its Boulder location.

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Colorado’s 20 “perk”-iest companies: The next seven

May 1, 2014

The big Perk: Fostering relationships between team members is key, and it starts with a “kick off” trip to Mexico every year. In-house kegorators and company-sponsored lunches also help cultivate relationships.

Why so PERKy? Josh Ashton says his title, “director of people,” reflects the company culture, and in some ways, the culture of much of the state. “It’s more about the people than the company itself.” SendGrid defines its four guiding H’s: Happy, Hungry, Honest and Humble.

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SendGrid has sent out almost as many emails as McDonald’s has sold burgers

March 5, 2014

McDonald’s has sold billions and billion of burgers — around 300 billion, in fact. But SendGrid is on track to overtake the fast food giant with its core metric: total emails delivered.

SendGrid today announced that it’s racked up 150,000 customers — including new clients like Snapchat, Dwolla, and Sonos — for which it’s sent out more than 200 billion emails. It delivers a half billion new emails each day, so it won’t be long until it leaves McDonald’s and its burgers in the dust.

“We’re really the only company that has that kind of scale experience [in email],” SendGrid CEO Jim Franklin told VentureBeat.

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SendGrid launches email service

June 18, 2013

Just in time for Small Business Week, SendGrid is launching a new email service, set up to help businesses control costs and yet still have access to top of the line email programs and data. The new product joins SendGrid's existing email deliverability suite of tools.

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