Price $399.95 $199.95 $79.95 $9.95 FREE
Email Credits/Month 700,000 300,000 100,000 40,000 200/ day
Price per Email Beyond Credits: $0.00045 $0.00050 $0.00085 $0.00100 Unavailable
Additional Price per Marketing Email Sent: $0.00025 $0.00025 $0.00025 Unavailable $0.00
Advanced Deliverability:
Dedicated IP, Whitelist Services, Feedback Loops and Whitelabeling
Custom Integration:
Advanced APIs:
OEM API, Parse API and Event API

Marketing Email:
Content Editing, Split Testing, List Management, API Access and more.

Messages that Reach the Inbox

SendGrid offers world class deliverability expertise to make sure your emails get delivered.

Incredibly Scalable Infrastructure

SendGrid scales on-demand. Its cloud infrastructure routinely delivers billions of emails and is ready for more.

Actionable Real Time Metrics

SendGrid enables live measurement of the ROI performance of different email variations market segments, or campaigns.

Easy Integration and Customization

SendGrid's APIs allow any company to create custom features around the specific email needs of its business.