Why Do Notification Emails Get Treated as Spam? [Infographic]

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Why do bad things happen to good email? Users miss notification emails like friend requests and password resets because they get filtered as spam. Why does this happen and what can you do about it?

Notification Email Spam Folder Infographic

Transcript of Infographic

Via SendGrid: Making transactional email easy for developers everywhere.

Why Do Notification Emails Get Treated as Spam?

You’ve built an awesome app. People sign up and wait for the confirmation letter. But nothing arrives, so they go find the next big app.
What happened? The emails went straight to the spam folder. Many important transactional emails are stopped by the spam filter.
You Could:
• Set up and monitor a dedicated IP address
• Spend hours configuring your infrastructure properly
• Throttle your email
• Build your sender reputation
• Authenticate your email stream
• And on and on…
Make email delivery simple and easy using SendGrid’s cloud-based SMTP email service.
90,000+ emails sent per minute by SendGrid. That is why 60,000 developers have chosen SendGrid to handle their app email, including: Pinterest, Spotify, HootSuite, and Foursquare.

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