We’ve delivered more than 2 billion emails

We’ve delivered more than 2 billion emails

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TechCrunch says we have delivered a Bajillion emails … close … actually, we have now delivered more than 2 Billion emails!

This has all been made possible by the 8,000+ awesome companies that have used our service and by putting together a phenomenal team. In the last few months we went from a team of 5, to a team of 18 and growing (we are hiring).

Our engineering team has adopted an awesome development process to produce higher quality software, with key feedback from companies like TwilioGetSatisfactionGnip, and SimpleGeo. Thanks guys! Meanwhile, our support team keeps rocking, they even help debug code on a Saturday night!

In addition to growing our team and enhancing our systems & processes, we have been expanding our feature set, mostly thanks to some great suggestions from our growing community. Friday was a particularly exciting day for us, just as we broke a milestone of achieving over 20 Million emails processed in a single day, we released the following features:

Tracking Unique Clicks and Opens

Thanks Balihoo for your gentle nudges that helped make sure we rolled this feature out this release cycle!

With this feature, you can track each unique click and open in your emails at the Statistics tab. In addition, the tracking URL’s have been shortened significantly, which makes them more usable in plain text emails.

Blocked Email Addresses

You can thank Gist for staying on top of us for this feature. We appreciate you!

On the Email List tab, in addition to SPAM and bounced email data, you can also view how many emails have been blocked (email addresses that were bounced by the ISP, but not because of a bad email address). Here are a few examples of blocked email messages:

Configurable Email Alert System

Stay on top of your account automatically using the new configurable alerts system. Simply choose what you want to be alerted about, add an email, set the frequency and you’re done. To get started, go to the Accounts tab, then the Alerts sub-tab. You can get further details at the Email Alerts System documentation page.

SPAM Checks on Incoming Emails

We have expanded our Parse API, which allows you to interact with your users via email (e.g. taking uploads, posting to a blog, etc…), to include the ability to check for SPAM. Thanks to a suggestion by PogoPlug, we have also added DKIM verification of emails through the Parse API.

API Enhancements

Our goal is to give you complete programatic control of all our features. We are not there just yet, but we are getting very close. Check out the API section of our documentation to discover what you can currently achieve. Recently we have added the ability to control filter settings, such as the ability to control the click, open and subscription filters.

But thats not all! In the next few weeks, you can expect some great new features and upgrades that we are really excited about. You can also look forward to new blog posts over the next several months that will explore the topic of email deliverability and how you can use SendGrid to simplify the process.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can improve via live chat (or survey) on our home page, by submitting a support ticket or adding an idea and/or voting on an existing idea at our community. Or, just take a moment and add your request to the comments below. We would also appreciate your ideas for what you would like us to discuss here on the blog.

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