Webcast: Google, Yahoo! and Hotmail, Oh My! Navigating the ISP Landscape.

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Anyone who has spent any time trying to get their important email receipts, notifications, or password resets to their users’ inboxes knows how daunting it can be to navigate the ISP landscape. What is the best way to authenticate your email for Gmail users? Does Yahoo! care more about IP reputation or domain reputation? Can I expect a different click and open rate for different ISPs?

Join SendGrid email experts Ryan Harris and Amy Mustoe on February 13th at 1:00PM EST as they offer advice on how to comply with ISP expectations and identify trends they are seeing among today’s most popular ISPs.

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Amy Mustoe ProfileAmy Mustoe

As SendGrid’s Manager of Client Services, Amy runs a team of talented Technical Account Managers who work tirelessly to keep our customers’ mail flowing to the inbox. Amy is passionate about helping customers solve their email deliverability problems so they can focus on what they do best. When not at SendGrid, Amy loves to do just about anything involving spending time with her family in the Colorado outdoors.



Ryan Harris ProfileRyan Harris

Ryan Harris is the Lead Abuse Hombre X here at SendGrid. Leading an international team to the front lines on the war against spam, Ryan works tirelessly to keep your inboxes clear so you don’t have to sift through unwanted emails. When not busy saving the world from spam, he can be found up in the mountains, on the dance floor, or doing backflips!


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Danny Randa has been working in digital marketing since the launch of Nickelodeon's virtual world Nicktropolis in 2006. After three years of managing interactive marketing campaigns for Nickelodeon's game, he completed an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the Leeds School of Business in Boulder, CO. He now works at SendGrid helping developers solve their email infrastructure challenges.

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