SendGrid’s Secret Santa & Friends

holiday gift

Many of you have have probably participated in X-Mas Gift Exchanges. If not, we should solve that! Here at SendGrid, we use Elfster and it works great. My friends and I have been doing an alcohol exchange recently. I thought this was a simple problem to hack on and use some of the SendGrid features. So I did! I’ll try … Read more ›

Code Challenge – Storing your incoming emails into

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For todays Code Challenge post I wanted to try out Orchestrate has an interesting value proposition that’s very similar to what we do at SendGrid. Orchestrate essentially provides a “Database as a Service.” Data storage, just like email infrastructure, is one of those items that is easy to do poorly and very hard to do well. Orchestrate understands that … Read more ›

Code Challenge: Using Charles Proxy to Debug Mobile Apps

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As an evangelist, I get to interact with developers all over the world. A common tool that I see used a lot is Charles Proxy. Its used by almost all types of mobile developers for debugging. I’ve personally heard a lot about it, but never had the chance to play around with it until now. Charles Proxy Basics: Just as … Read more ›

Code Challenge: Building a Hello World Apple iWatch App


While the Apple iWatch hasn’t been released yet, they have released WatchKit, so developers can start creating applications. For this post, I created a video that will walk you through building a watch application that displays the text “Hello World” after a button is pressed. I would also recommend reading the first post in this Code Challenge series that goes … Read more ›

Code Challenge: Intro to Twitter’s

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A couple weeks ago I watched a couple of talks on Twitter’s new product Fabric ( It’s a collection of tools to make mobile developers’ lives easier. According to their documentation, Fabric is more specifically a “set of mobile development tools called ‘Kits’ that help you make your app more stable, add social features like sharing and login, and turn … Read more ›

Code Challenge: Intro to tmux

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Say no to tabs and yes to panes when developing For today’s post in the Code Challenge series, I’m giving an intro on tmux. As a Developer Evangelist, showing code is the best way to get developers interested in how easy it is to integrate the SendGrid API. When you’re up in front of a couple of hundred devs and … Read more ›