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Young Rewired State: Coding a Better WORLD

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As I wrote last week, I spent the week in England, witnessing something very special that’s been happening there for one week a year, for the past four years. That “something” is different and awe inspiring, and it is called Young Rewired State. If you didn’t catch my post from last week, here’s your chance to catch up and learn a bit more about YRS. At the time that post went to press, I was en route to the grand finale – the Festival of Code – in Birmingham, UK. As expected, it was a spectacular end to what had already been


Young Rewired State: Empowering Young Minds To Do Great Things

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Young Rewired State is awesome. I’ll back up that statement below, but I encourage you to learn more for yourself about what creates said awesomeness: check out Rewired State, the organization that put “Young” in front of its name and decided to do more for the youngsters – technical geniuses under the age of 19 years; peruse the Young Rewired State 2012 website; and read through the Information Pack that was distributed to all the participants. Be sure to scroll to the bottom or click “What is YRS?” at the top of the Info Pack, for a quick synopsis of the