Microsoft Channel 9 BUILD Interview With Scott Hanselman, SendGrid, New Relic and MongoLab

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Microsoft BUILD Channel 9 Interview - Scott Hanselman, SendGrid - Adria Richards, New Relic - Nick Floyd, MongoLab - Ben Wen

Last week Microsoft held BUILD 2012 to showcase the release of Windows 8, Windows 8 Phone, the Surface Tablet and the launch of the Azure store giving developers the ability to sign up for solutions like SendGrid directly within the Azure management portal. Scott Hanselman, Principal Program Manager and Community Architect for Microsoft’s Web Platform, interviewed SendGrid’s Developer Evangelist Adria Richards, New Relic’s Developer Evangelist Nick Floyd and MongoLab’s VP of Marketing and Sales Ben Wen. We discussed adoption of cloud technologies by enterprise, how to evaluate cloud providers and the needs of developers when it comes to production needs and scalability.  Check out our discussion in the video below: Video Link: Channel 9 Live at BUILD 2012: Talking with Azure Developers

This Week In Startups: Helps You Earn Cash For Recommendations

This Week In Startups - Danielle Morrill of - SendGrid Startup of the Week #7 - YouTube

This week’s guest on the show is Danielle Morrill, founder of, a service which rewards people for sharing product referrals with others which many of us already do via social networks, word of mouth and email.  Users can share links from popular affiliates like Amazon to earn cash or donate the proceeds to charity.  Incubated this year at Y Combinator, is quickly gaining traction and support. Before starting, Danielle was in charge of marketing at Twilio and was a mentor at 500 Startups. SendGrid is a This Week In Techstars sponsor for this episode and proud to support innovation in the startup community.  Content about the experiences in the startup world help to educate and inspire entrepreneurs all over