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Migrating an App to SendGrid’s Template Engine

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I’ve built a lot of applications to demonstrate what SendGrid can do over the past few years. Recently, I’ve started either updating them, getting rid of really old ones, or replacing them with newer ideas and more modernised examples. With the apps I’ve been updating, the biggest change has been removing all of the inline template code for the emails being generated by the app and moving it to SendGrid’s Template Engine, leaving behind a much cleaner looking codebase and a much more manageable set of templates. Migrating a simple app to Template Engine is really easy, here’s how I did one of mine: Migrating “Oh, Cardless” to Template Engine I built Oh, Cardless to fix the problem of either

Looking Back: The Top Email Posts From June

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We strive to provide helpful, interesting, and informative content about all things email on the SendGrid blog. In June, we touched on some great topics, including email security, email templates, and webhooks. In case you missed them, below is a wrap-up of the blog posts that we think you’ll find most helpful to your email campaign: SendGrid and the Future of Email Security Our Chief Security Officer, David Campbell, announced that SendGrid is now utilizing opportunistic TLS encryption to make sure that the mail customers send through SendGrid is secure. SendGrid’s Template Engine Tutorial We provided an online tutorial to guide customers through implementing and using our new email Template Engine. For customers that missed the live tutorial, this post provides