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Our Customers are Raving Fans

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At SendGrid, our focus has always been on achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. SendGrid continues to grow because we solve web developers’ email headaches. And these same web developers love to share their stories about how they resolved common problems in their industry. As such, we’ve expanded our customer and testimonial section of our website to include some stories and quotes of how SendGrid is helping companies get their emails delivered. Take some time to check out this new section and learn how we can help you improve your email revenue and results just by getting more messages


Email Delivery is Never Guaranteed

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Consider this. What happens if your email doesn’t arrive in the inbox? – Your customers won’t receive their account alerts. – They’ll miss out on special offers from their favorite brands. – They’ll never know that special someone wants to meet them. – They won’t receive a confirmation of their order. – They won’t see a friend request. – You’ll lose not only revenue but also risk losing trust as emails that were promised never show up. When email fails to make it to the inbox, you have email deliverability problems. And if your business relies on email, achieving high