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Advanced Statistics Available Via API

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Earlier this year we added a few beta statistical reports that show you the location, device and browser information, and ISPs of the recipients that click and open the emails you send. We have been working hard on improving these reports and integrating them more fully with the rest of our offerings. You can now retrieve these statistics via our Web API so you can crunch the numbers as you see fit or display them in your application’s dashboard. Head over to the Advanced Stats API documentation for more details and example calls. Happy coding! Related PostsSimulating Pokemon with SendGrid (and


Understanding Email Metrics (Part 1)

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As we all know, email delivery is challenging in and of itself. However, once an email leaves your application, server, or mail client, you quickly encounter another obstacle: understanding what actually happens to that message.There are several different metrics that the average company should consider tracking in order to gain useful insight and produce educated business decisions. Related PostsUsing Facebook to Increase Your Email List Checking In With SendGrid Email Support Startup Resources Delivering Beers Hand Over Wrist! Process SendGrid Events in Real-time with TempoDB