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Open Source Documentation: One Year Later

Brandon West Community, Technical
SendGrid docs

A year ago, we open sourced our documentation, with the hypothesis that it would improve the docs by adding feedback loops and removing barriers that discourage contribution. We also wanted to share what we had learned during the process. I’m glad to say that so far the results have been good, and the decision to open source our documentation continues to help us improve it as a product. Where We Are Now We’ve had 59 different contributors to the docs repo since we open sourced it, with around 15 of those contributors being community members rather than SendGrid employees. Considering we had only a couple contributors before, that’s about 30x growth in the number of contributors. Makings things open and

Announcing the Official SendGrid Perl Library

Brandon West Company, Product, Technical
Good news, everyone!

Good news, everyone! We’ve open sourced an officially supported Perl library for SendGrid. We have used this library internally for some time and decided to release it for the community to use and improve. The readme on github has more information on how to get things going, but the code for sending a simple email and using some SendGrid features looks like this:   Packaging this library and getting the tests to run was fun since I had never touched Perl before. There is tons of good material out there regarding Perl, as you would expect given its history and popularity. Like any language, there are several different ways to accomplish the same tasks, so I got caught up a