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Ecquire and SendGrid team up to make productivity happen

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This is a guest post written by Tal Raviv, Chief Bug Creator at Ecquire At Ecquire we believe the most important measure of a product is its referability. We don’t use words like “finished” or “minimum viable product” or “good enough” It’s either referable or it’s not. A user either feels confident enough to put their reputation on the line for your product – or your marketing is going to be very expensive. How do you measure referability? Aside from metrics like retention and observing growth and sources of growth – there’s an extremely direct way to do this… let your


Understanding Email Metrics (Part 2)

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Last week, we explored a number of email metrics in part one of this two-part series on data-driven email. This week, we’ll cover the rest of the metrics that SendGrid tracks for its users. You might consider these statistics to be a bit less sexy than clicks and opens, but they are certainly just as critical in painting a full picture of your company’s email campaign performance. Also, a reader of last week’s post asked if we knew of any resources for researching email metrics from a more general and less SendGrid-specific perspective. We’ve provided a few resources in the


Understanding Email Metrics (Part 1)

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As we all know, email delivery is challenging in and of itself. However, once an email leaves your application, server, or mail client, you quickly encounter another obstacle: understanding what actually happens to that message.There are several different metrics that the average company should consider tracking in order to gain useful insight and produce educated business decisions. Related PostsStartup Resources Delivering Beers Hand Over Wrist! Simulating Pokemon with SendGrid (and an Audience) Advanced Statistics Available Via API Process SendGrid Events in Real-time with TempoDB