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This Week In Startups: Refer.ly Helps You Earn Cash For Recommendations

This Week In Startups - Danielle Morrill of Refer.ly - SendGrid Startup of the Week #7 - YouTube

This week’s guest on the show is Danielle Morrill, founder of Refer.ly, a service which rewards people for sharing product referrals with others which many of us already do via social networks, word of mouth and email.  Users can share links from popular affiliates like Amazon to earn cash or donate the proceeds to charity.  Incubated this year at Y Combinator, … Read more ›

SendGrid supports launch of This Week in TechStars

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The This Week in… web series has been a great source of free online content for years now. Because of the value we see in independent media such as this, we’ve supported Jason Calacanis and his show This Week in Startups in the past.
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