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How to Warm Up an IP

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Updated and republished from 1/13/2011. For more information on warming up IPs and setting up your email infrastructure, download SendGrid’s Ultimate Email Infrastructure Guide for free. The New Hotness (err…Warmness) – What, Why, and How of the IP Warm-up Process Whether you are new to the email game or an accomplished vet, you have probably run across the idea of warming up an IP (Internet Protocol) address to improve delivery performance. Since we often find ourselves explaining the ins and outs of the IP warm-up process to current and prospective customers, we figured we would write a post to explain


How to Authenticate Your Email in 5 Steps

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Email authentication allows ISPs to properly identify the sender of the email so it can make smarter decisions about the delivery of your mail. Authentication has become a best practice for email senders since spammers have gotten really smart about disguising malicious email under the veil of a trusted brand. By pretending to send email from your domain, a practice known as phishing, spammers are tricking your customers into giving out their passwords, account information and other personally identifiable information for their own financial gain. In today’s world, email authentication is a “must do” for legitimate organizations in order to