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Simulating Pokemon with SendGrid (and an Audience)

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Pokemon demo

Hi, I’m SendGrid’s newest evangelist, Yamil Asusta. I have fond memories of playing a lot of Pokemon when I was young. Blue, Yellow, Silver and Gold. The good old days. Recently I’ve seen a lot of hype around the new games Pokemon X and Y. It is for this reason that I decided to build my first SendGrid API demo around this game I enjoyed so much. How do you play Pokemon with email? The dynamic is simple. For every email the audience sends to the application, a little mail will fly towards the Pokemon performing damage to it. At some point, the Pokemon faints and I will award a winner in the audience I’m demo’ing for a special prize.

Build a Natural Language Processor and Keep Things Sorted

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Epic Sadness

Our inbound parse webhook makes it easy to start receiving emails into your application. Once you dig in you can start creating some really awesome internal tools to deal with what’s being sent to you. One of the types of emails you might be receiving is from your customers, and if you have a lot of customers this is probably going to amount to a huge pile of emails that may or may not get addressed in a timely manner, especially if you have no way of knowing which emails you should be prioritising. But what if you did know? In this article I’m going to intro you to the basics of Natural Language Processing, and more specifically how to