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Email Throttling Basics

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Email throttling is controlling the amount of email messages sent to one ISP or remote server at one time.  Sometimes ISPs block messages when a high volume is sent by one sender at one time because they might be concerned its spam. While this may seem somewhat restrictive, it does provide senders with some unique opportunities. Related PostsThree Misconceptions About Deliverability That Simply Aren’t True Webinar: Q&A With Carly and Paul What is DMARC and Why Should You Care? Webinar: 7 Tips to Improve Your Sender Reputation What is Domain Reputation and Why Should I Care?


Standing Cloud Teams with SendGrid

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We are very happy to announce that Standing Cloud, a leading provider of cloud-based application management solutions has teamed with SendGrid to make our leading cloud email delivery, analytics and scalability available to Standing Cloud customers. For cloud customers running hosted applications on Standing Cloud, the integration with SendGrid reduces the complexity of sending high-volume transactional emails while improving their deliverability, reliability and ROI. The SendGrid service can be deployed directly from the Standing Cloud application management console in just a few clicks. We are excited to make SendGrid easily available to even more customers as part of Standing Cloud’s extended service options. It’s