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Webinar: Q&A with Ken and Carly

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A couple of weeks ago, SendGrid’s email experts Carly Brantz and Ken Apple answered your toughest email infrastructure questions. The conversation sparked many more questions, and they were not able to get to all of them during the webinar. Carly and Ken took some time to respond to the questions they didn’t have time to address here.

If you missed the webinar, you can access a recording here.

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Introducing the SendGrid Guide to Email Infrastructure

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Here at SendGrid we’re obsessed with making sure businesses know that email delivery is a huge problem and what to do if your company faces a deliverability crisis. As part of this effort, we published our ultimate Guide to Email Deliverability but we felt there were more questions to be answered in the area of email infrastructure. As we discussed here and here, having a properly configured email infrastructure is the basis of a good sending reputation and your deliverability.  In fact, an infrastructure that is not setup correctly can get you blocked and blacklisted. Our newest guide covers all the essential topics: Read More ›

Back to Basics. If You Can’t Send an Email, What Can You Do?

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Sending and Email

Sending and EmailSending email is easy, just “hit” send – and you’re done. Right? Wrong. Sending email is easy only if you don’t care about your message actually arriving in the inbox. You know those messages that just never show up or the ones that end up in the Junk or Bulk folder? For an individual it’s a minor annoyance but for a business it’s a potential crisis – especially if email is the primary (or only way) you communicate with your customers. What if tomorrow 20% of your customer emails failed to arrive as planned? What if they were triggered, transactional messages like payment notifications or a status alert? Or a legally required email like a privacy policy update? Read More ›

[Webinar] Your Toughest Email Infrastructure Questions Answered

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Of all the major headaches in the world of email, maintaining your own email infrastructure may be the biggest. One wrong step could get your IPs blacklisted or leave your infrastructure vulnerable to phishing attacks. Join email experts Ken Apple and Carly Brantz on July 31st at 1:00pm EDT as they answer your toughest email infrastructure questions to help you keep your emails flowing to the inbox.

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Whitelists: The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

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No Silver Bullet

No Silver BulletWhitelists are the silver bullet and white elephant of email delivery. It sounds so easy, just get on that list and then you’re set. No more concerns about spam filters, blocking, bulking, junk folders and all the rest.

The challenge for most email senders is two-fold:

1. It’s really, really hard to qualify for a whitelist and some of the most prominent and effective senders never make it
2. Once you’re on the list, you’ve got to be incredibly vigilant to keep your IPs in good standing Read More ›

SendGrid Joins Forces With Engine Yard

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We are very excited to announce a SendGrid partnership with Engine Yard, a leading PaaS (Platform as a Service) company that empowers rapid and cost effective software application innovation. Engine Yard’s powerful platform provides a complete commercial grade solution to enable developers the freedom to focus on building great applications rather than managing an intricate platform. Read More ›

5 Key Practices to Avoid the Spam Folder

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Key Practices to Avoid the Spam Folder

According to MAAWG’s Email Metrics Report released in November 11, almost 90% of the emails included in their study were considered to be abusive. Spam and other malicious emails continue to plague customers, ISPs and legitimate senders so to ensure your emails get delivered to the inbox, you have to follow a few key email best practices.

  1. Focus on your sending reputation. ISPs look at your sending behavior to make filtering decisions. If you have a good sending reputation, your emails will get delivered, but if not, your emails may end up being blocked at the gateway or labeled as spam.
  2. Regularly monitor your email deliverability.  Rectify delivery failures right away, otherwise you risk harming your sending reputation. Access tools that that not only tells you who responded to your messages, but who actually received them. This data can also help you better understand your overall analytics and identify gaps in your email program. Read More ›