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The 3 C’s of Developer Relations

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A lot of people ask what a Developer Evangelist does, and the answers can vary a bit depending on which company they work for, and how the team is placed within the organization. Regardless of the tactics in place, all of them are based on a few core principles of Developer Relations, which I call the 3 C’s: Community, Code, and Content. Community If you don’t have a way to reach developers, your Developer Relations program isn’t worth much. At SendGrid, our main strategy is “give first”–the more successful start-ups there are, the better off everyone is. As Tim has said


Building a Community for Building Things

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Hi everyone, I’m Brandon West. I’ve just started working as a Developer Relations Engineer for SendGrid, and I’m here to help Tim Falls make our developer community the best it can be. That means I’ll be hanging out everywhere developers gather – on and offline. I’ll be attending events like hack days, Startup Weekends, conferences – anywhere people are building (or talking about building) cool things! You can consider me a general resource to web developers, ready to help in any way possible. Related PostsKicking Off a New Year Portland devs and OSCON-goers, come hack with us!