Three Questions to Ask your SMTP Service Provider Before You Buy

Best Practices

Getting your emails delivered to your customers is imperative if you want them to respond to your messages. While employing an outsourced SMTP email server solution is the best choice due to its ease of use and flexibility, before you make a final decision on who will take on the important task of handling your transactional email, make sure you ask the provider these three key questions. Read More ›

Leveraging SendGrid’s Event API

Guest Post

This guest post is from H. Wade Minter at TeamSnap, a SendGrid customer.

TeamSnap is a web/mobile tool to help keep sports teams and social groups organized. With that mission, email deliverability is critical. Our users send a lot of email, most of it important team-related business We need to make sure that the email gets delivered, as well as watch out for bouncing addresses or spam complaints. We don’t want to get blamed when someone shows up at the wrong field because they didn’t get the email that their coach sent out. Keeping our deliverability numbers high is paramount, as well as making sure we’re only send email out to people who should be receiving it. Read More ›

Why Opens & Clicks Are Important to Email Deliverability

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While we often focus on delivered rates when talking about email deliverability, response metrics will soon be equally important in determining whether or not your email arrives. ISPs are increasingly looking at subscriber engagement levels to determine the validity of your email messages.  While not all ISPs are using engagement data and those that are all have different criteria, the fact is that opens, clicks and other engagement metrics are now playing a role in email delivery decisions. Read More ›

3 Ways to Use Complaint Feedback Loop Information

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Feedback Loops

One of the main (and probably most important) reasons email goes undelivered is because subscribers are complaining about your messages. Subscribers complain to their ISP by marking your email as spam and these complaints affect your email reputation. Each ISP has a threshold for complaints and if you cross it, your email gets blocked at the gateway.

There are a number of reasons why subscribers complain about your email, but in order to find out whom and why, you need to have access to feedback loop information. Complaint feedback loops capture subscriber complaints for the ISPs, but the information is available to email senders if they sign up to receive the data. With access to the data you can do three things: Read More ›

Control Your Email Destiny with a Dedicated IP

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Most email service providers have been offering dedicated IP addresses for nearly a decade. We didn’t think this topic was particularly controversial, but an interesting industry post presented a unique view on this practice. While we appreciate the viewpoint of that post, we feel obligated to remind our readers why we believe that dedicated IPs are important and what role they can play in your email success.

Why would a sender need or want a dedicated IP rather than a shared IP?  It all comes down to the word dedicated. In this case it means there is an IP address dedicated for your exclusive use. Only your mail is sent via this IP and this means that any deliverability problems that arise only impact you and are a direct result of your practices. This is of course in stark contrast to a shared IP where your mail is bulked along with the mail of dozens or perhaps even hundreds of other senders and deployed from the same IP. This means any issues that arise may or may not be the result of your practices – and your reputation is only as good as the reputation of the worst sender on the IP. So if one sender rents a list from a disreputable vendor, gets a bunch of spam complaints and the IP ends up blacklisted your mail is blocked along with theirs. Read More ›

Kicking Off a New Year

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We think 2012 is going to be a good year for SendGrid and for you. This week, as we begin the new year, we want to remind you how we can help by reviewing our “top ten” reasons you should use SendGrid for the success of your email program. Email delivery doesn’t have to be complex, we strive to make email simple for developers.

Reason #1: Developers Serve as Our Foundation.

We started the SendGrid Developer Community to serve as a central resource for the true believers and die-hard fans of our service – developers. By working closely with the developer community we will create better and more effective information, tools and services that will make email delivery and web development even easier. In turn, developers can focus on building innovative applications that need email in order to work. Read More ›