Five Design Tips for Optimal Email Deliverability

Best Practices, Technical

Design has become increasingly important in creating an enjoyable, and even acceptable, experience for today’s average web user. This trend is not going away. On the contrary, as users become more savvy and accustomed to friendly design, the bar for quality design will continue to rise.

However, good design does not necessarily mean fancy graphics and never-before-seen user interactivity, such as that which we find in the always innovative Google Doodles. Design often hinges more so on simplicity and functionality, as is the case with HTML emails. The importance of email design is two-fold: first, design plays a big part in getting your email into your customers inbox; once that hurdle is cleared, design helps encourage the user interaction that represents your true end goal. … Read more ›

Wedgi.es – Simple Surveys That Use SendGrid

Guest Post

Back in September, at the fantastic ReCommerce Hackday, I hung out with Jimmy Jacobson and Porter Haney, the guys behind Wedgi.es. Wedgi.es is a lightweight social application that lets you easily poll your friends via twitter. Porter told me he was addicted to the Wedgi.es email updates that they had implemented using SendGrid, so I asked Jimmy and Porter if they’d write about their application and experience for our blog. They obliged, so we are very pleased to present a guest blog post from Wedgi.es!

… Read more ›