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Webinar: Tips and Tricks to Stay Out of the Spam Folder

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Staying out of the spam folder is tougher than you might think. Over 20% of legitimate email never makes it to the inbox. Customers quickly become frustrated when they don’t receive important messages like password resets, purchase confirmations and shipping notifications. Join email experts Carly Brantz and Elmer Thomas on May 29th at 1:00 PM EDT as they break down ways to make sure your email stays out of the spam folder. This webinar will cover: Related PostsWebinar: Q&A with Ken and Carly The Benefits of Sending Email in the Cloud Webinar: Q&A With Elmer and Carly Whitelists: The Perfect is the


Webinar: 7 Tips to Improve Your Sender Reputation

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Email deliverability is the secret crisis facing many companies who depend on email to send important messages to their customers. Over 20% of legitimate emails, including shipping confirmations and password resets, never reach the recipient’s inbox. Managing your sender reputation is crucial to make sure your messages get delivered reliably. Join SendGrid’s deliverability experts on at 1:00 PM EDT April 24th as they break down sender reputation and offer tips on how to stay in the good graces of the ISPs. This webinar will cover: Related PostsThree Misconceptions About Deliverability That Simply Aren’t True 4 Ways Relevant Email Can Increase Site Traffic