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Devs Battle in Amsterdam to be Kings of Code

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Following on from Tim’s post about our hackathon adventuring in Europe over the past week, it’s my turn to highlight some of the excellence that came out of our time at the Kings of Code ‘Hack Battle’ during The Next Web conference that took place last week in Amsterdam. After taking the rather scenic train from Paris, Tim and I arrived in Amsterdam to discover that I’d booked myself into a hotel 120 miles away from where we were supposed to be. Several confused minutes later Spotify Hacker Advocate, and fellow Hack Battle supporter, Andrew Mager rocks up with some local


Hackpacking Around Europe: Music Hackday Paris and The Next Web Hack Battle

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This week, we’re hacking in some of the best cities of the EU – Paris and Amsterdam. Jealous? Well, you should be; and here’s why… Last Friday, I arrived in the City of Light, to meet my pal and SendGrid Developer Evangelist, Martyn Davies, for Music Hackday Paris. The geekery that has ensued since then has been nothing short of awesome. The best part: we’re not done yet! First, a little background: Martyn is Central Coordinator of Music Hackday, and one of the visionaries of the event, which provides an environment for “programmers, designers and artists to come together and