SendGrid Partners with AppDirect

SendGrid Partners with AppDirect


Today, we are pleased to announce a SendGrid partnership with AppDirect. AppDirect is the cloud services marketplace company that helps you to distribute your cloud services across a network of different application stores. They also provide their partners the ability to easily deploy their own branded marketplace, a model known as MaaS (Marketplace-as-a-Service).

We often say that our mission is to become the email solution of choice for the developer community because we solve web developers’ email headaches.  We believe that AppDirect is an excellent platform for developers to discover new tools and customize their marketplace to find the most relevant solutions.  And, by distributing our offering with AppDirect, we can be featured in all of their partner marketplaces without the worry of single sign on, billing, service level agreements, etc. each time we pursue a different partner.

We are excited to partner with AppDirect to showcase SendGrid and to continue to create solutions that meet emerging developer needs.

If you want more information on SMB’s and Cloud Adoption check this AppDirect Whitepaper or email them at

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