SendGrid now more available than ever to Rackspace users

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As a fast growing company with many moving parts, we have to stop every once in awhile and remind ourselves of the reason we exist: to relieve engineering teams and the businesses they support from the hassle and expense of managing email infrastructure. Read: to make your job easier, by eliminating your email headaches.

With over 10 billion emails delivered, we’ve become rather efficient (and effective) at taking care of email system needs for tens of thousands of companies. And with increased efficiency comes greater bandwidth, to help even more companies.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re extending our services and expertise to tens of thousands more developers and technologists, through a new relationship with Rackspace.

If your company hosts its business applications with Rackspace, you now have at your fingertips a shiny new Bronze SendGrid account – free of charge!

You can log in to your Rackspace control panel at any time, find the link to SendGrid, and get started in minutes. Your Bronze plan includes 40,000 email credits per month, advanced reporting and analytics, full access to the SendGrid technical support team, and flexible integration options via SMTP API, Web API, or simple SMTP Relay.

If your business demands exceed 40,000 emails per month and require additional features and functionality, upgrading to our Silver, Gold, Platinum or High Volume plans is simple – either upgrade manually within our web app or contact our sales team for assistance!

We’re very excited for the opportunity to work together with a great company like Rackspace in a team effort to improve the experience and provide greater utility for all of their awesome customers. And to all those Rackspacers, welcome to the SendGrid family!

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6 thoughts on “SendGrid now more available than ever to Rackspace users

  1. Does this apply to the London data center too? I can't see a link at I for one hope it will!

    • So, we did some research/testing, and it looks like you may need a separate account for this to work in London. I would recommend contacting Rackspace support. Feel free to contact our support team, too, if you need any further info!

      Thanks again,


    • If you're already signed up as a Bronze customer with SendGrid, but didn't sign up through your Rackspace dashboard in order to take advantage of the discount, you will have to sign up for a new account through your RS account. We don't have the ability to migrate accounts at this time.

      Let me know if you have any other questions!


      SendGrid Community Guy

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