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Marketing Newsletter ApplicationEarlier this month we announced the public beta of our new Marketing Newsletter Application. The beta will continue to run until the end of September, allowing users to access all the benefits of the upgraded application for free. The new Newsletter Application is an enormous upgrade addressing feedback from customers and feature requests.




The new features include:

Improved user interface:

  • Set up your newsletters quickly and easilyNewsletter Testing Screenshot
  • Import your recipient lists effortlessly

Enhanced A/B testing tool:

  • Create and test multiple newsletter versions
  • Choose the best performing version to send to your recipients

Pre-built and designed templates:

  • Access basic and professionally designed email templates
  • Customize your emails quickly and easily

New spam checker for improved deliverability:

  • Increase deliverability to the inbox
  • Check to see if you email contains common spam signals


Starting October 1st, new pricing for the SendGrid Newsletter Application will take effect with a cost of $0.25 per thousand newsletter emails sent in addition to your monthly package price. The old newsletter application will no longer be supported, but all of your recipient lists, historical campaign data, and sent campaigns will be migrated to the new version. You will have access to all of your previous campaigns in the new tool even after October 1st.

We are excited by the overwhelmingly positive feedback the public beta of the new Newsletter Application has received so far, and we are dedicated to continuously making improvements to our platform and applications. Thanks to everyone who has test driven the new application so far, and for those who haven’t checked it out, take a tour!

Brian is SendGrid's Product Manager. He has over a decade of experience in SW Development, Productions/Ops, and Product Management.

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2 thoughts on “SendGrid Marketing Newsletter Update

  1. would be nice to have on lite. I only have 6000 people in my list so bit of a jump to bronze. I have a good rep above 90% and over 50,000 requests so any chance of a enable us small guys on lite as the windows bulk email senders are fairly unstable and take ages?

  2. One thing I don't understand about Sendgrid: If I want to send marketing emails, can I use the API or only the web application interface?

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