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SendGrid-Delivered-InternationalAfter presenting in 6 cities across the US (NYC, San Francisco, Denver, Austin, Seattle, and Boston) we are thrilled to be taking our SendGrid Delivered tour across the pond in June. Our travels will bring us to London (June 4) Berlin (June 7) and Paris (June 11).

So why should you join us on this leg of the tour? Here are the Top 10 Reasons you should become an Inbox Insider and join us at SendGrid Delivered in Europe next month.

Top 10 Reasons to Attend SendGrid Delivered International

1. Get the inside scoop on all things email from top industry leaders (like Carly BrantzDenise Hulce, and Brian O’Neill)

2. Receive 1 on 1 feedback and deliverability tips from the experts (like Martyn DaviesAmy Mustoe, and Ken Apple)

3. Discover how to stay in the good graces of the top ISPs (we’re talking about you Gmail, Yahoo!, and Outlook)

4. Learn how to get the most out of your SendGrid account

5. Become a master of SendGrid’s APIs

6. Network with your fellow developers and marketers

7. Enjoy complimentary food and drinks (including an always entertaining cocktail hour)

8. Receive SendGrid swag (something both practical…and fun)

9. Enjoy an afternoon away from the office (who doesn’t love that)

10. It’s FREE!

Whether you’re a marketer or a developer, SendGrid Delivered will teach you valuable tips that will turn you into an email deliverability pro. Here’s what some of our past attendees have had to say:

“It was a lovely event, first class content and great people.” 

“There seemed to be intention behind every detail, from the presentations, to the chilled bottles of H2O, to the functional shoulder bags. I was grateful for the Transactional Email 101 [presentation].” 

“When is the next one? Sign me up!!!”

We’d love to see you out on tour with us. Sign up now for free and follow all of the SendGrid Delivered fun on Twitter with #SendGridDelivered.

Jill Petre is part of the Inbound Marketing Group at SendGrid, working to educate the world on email deliverability and best practices. Her specialties include event planning, content management, corporate branding, and social media. Jill received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado’s College of Architecture and Planning, and enjoys good design, photography, and visual marketing content.

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