SendGrid Customer Support: More of a Good Thing!

SendGrid Customer Support: More of a Good Thing!


Announcing Extended Customer Support Hours.

For months, we’ve gathered feedback and observed the usage patterns of our rapidly growing customer base. Today, we’re happy to announce what you’ve been asking for: extended, full-service technical support hours!

Our new hours are 7am to 7pm MST, Monday through Friday.

Our users are often vocal about their experiences with our support team, as you can see from these comments from Seivan and Stephen:

However, as glowing as these remarks may be, we know we can do even better. Our new extended hours give you more time to get your questions answered in a way that’s convenient for you, including email, live chat, Twitter, Get Satisfaction discussions, forum comments and yes, even the telephone.

Our ultimate goal is to define the issue and resolve it during your first support contact. If this isn’t feasible, we will convert the issue to a support ticket and persistently follow-up until all issues are resolved.

To learn more about the voices behind the support team, visit our team page, and look for Joe, Ken and Kyle. We’ve also just added two additional dedicated support agents, Michael and Ben (not yet pictured). Finally, we should highlight the fact that all SendGrid employees participate in support by spending at least one day each month fielding calls, live chat, and tickets. This effort to get everyone involved in daily customer interactions is an extension of a primary company value: to “Impress Customers through Support.”

Please let us know about your support experiences, be they good or bad, by leaving a comment on our Facebook page, in the comments section below, or in one of the other channels mentioned above. The nice ones will make us feel “special”, and the bad ones will motivate us to improve!

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