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It mustn’t be ignored: many of our 10,000+ customers have come to us through word of mouth. We are extremely appreciative of all the support we’ve received and would like to express that appreciation with a thanks that you really care about – dolla dolla bills!

We’ve teamed up with a really cool company called Extole (formerly known as Tell-a-Pal) to implement a simple Refer-a-Friend program that rewards both current and new customers with an awesomely enticing  deal.

The details:

  1. Sign up for the program, and become a “Referrer” – it’s quick and easy!
  2. Spread the love by sharing your unique link with friends and colleagues that you think would benefit from SendGrid’s email services.  You can share via email, Twitter, Facebook, embed in your web page, or just grab your personal URL and distribute as you please.
  3. By using your referral, your friend will receive 25% off any SendGrid plan for three months.
  4. And you get (drum roll, please)…twenty bucks! Yep, for every person who signs up for a discounted, paid account – you receive $20.

We want to make it easy for you to participate, so here are some other ways you can get started:

  • For current SendGrid customers: log in to your account at and view your Account Overview page. You will see a big button asking if you want to join in the fun. Simply click, and you’ll be earning dough in no time.
  • For any new SendGrid user: when you complete the signup process, you’ll land on the confirmation page. You will see a button flaunting bags o’ money. Just click and go!
  • Or, no matter who you are, if you love SendGrid and want to get the hook-up while helping others realize email bliss, just click here and DO IT NOW!

For complete Terms & Conditions of this offer, please click.

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