Power Your Transactional Email Program With SendGrid’s Parse API

Power Your Transactional Email Program With SendGrid’s Parse API


sky-is-the-limitWith just one line of code and a bit of inspiration, you can utilize a simple webhook to power your transactional email program. Take the SendGrid Parse API for example. Its only limit is your imagination. The Parse API pulls email content and attachments from incoming email and posts it to your web application. You can use it to post blog articles via email, process email replies in a mailing list, upload pictures via email, or submit support requests. These are just a few of the use cases—there’s no limit to what you can do.

Webhooks like the Parse API provide endless value in how transactional email is processed behind the scenes, and how it can help affect your users’ behavior. If your application flourishes on user engagement, you can enable them to send photos directly to your app via email. If you want to simplify employee communication, use the Parse API to extract key data from email messages.

For example, social discovery platform, Mirror uses the SendGrid Parse API to verify their users. Mirror is committed to maintaining an active and loyal user base. As a result, they have implemented a proprietary user verification process that combines email, mobile, and social data to prove their identity. Since email is the backbone of their service, they use SendGrid’s Parse API to integrate with their verification system to ensure only verifiable users are accepted to their platform.

It only takes two steps to begin parsing your mail using SendGrid. Simply point the MX Record of the domain/hostname or subdomain to mx.sendgrid.net. Then, associate the domain/hostname and the URL in the Parse API settings page within the SendGrid platform.

Whether you are a current client or just researching, you can review our documentation on setting up the Parse API. If you’d like to learn more about all of SendGrid’s flexible APIs, you can download our free SendGrid API Guide.

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