Messaging Hub API Unifies SendGrid and Twilio

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The following is a guest post from Mark Geene, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloud Elements. Cloud Elements, based in Denver, Colorado, provides pre-built integrations into leading cloud services that help app developers eliminate weeks to months of development time. Learn more about Cloud Elements at the bottom of this post.

cloudelements_twilio_sendgridCloud Elements is excited to announce that we have teamed with Twilio and SendGrid to provide an API that unifies messaging across the industry’s leading SMS and email services. The Cloud Elements Messaging Hub provides a single console to provision, integrate, monitor and maintain these services through our messaging platform, delivering seamless interaction between SMS and email. When provisioned through Cloud Elements, Twilio and SendGrid instantly integrate with our enterprise-class monitoring and logging console to provide real-time visibility into the performance and availability for both services.

Our joint focus is to help developers save time by making integration, monitoring, and maintenance easier, so they can spend more time building cool applications.

Some of the key features:

  • Quick Provisioning–One-stop shopping. Use our trial account, enter your existing account(s) or set up new accounts; all from one console.
  • Git It–Ruby and Java plugins delivered right to your GitHub account (or copy to any other repo).
  • Tag it–Use “Tags” to track a single account across multiple environments, applications, or divisions, saving you $$.
  • Cool Monitoring & Logging–Our Element provisioning process automatically creates a robust monitoring and maintenance infrastructure, giving you one place to monitor and troubleshoot both services.
  • It’s Free–The Messaging Hub and Elements are free!

With the Messaging Hub, you can quickly connect Elements together–thus you can send an email and receive a text notification upon receipt and delivery of an email (or vice-a-versa). For example, if your application requires that a critical email be received and read by the recipient, combining these two services makes sense.

Send an email–this is how easy it is to use the SendGrid Element:


You can also easily use the Twilio Element to send an SMS:


Finally, here is how you put them together, leveraging “events” to send an SMS via our Twilio Element when an email sent via our SendGrid Element is delivered or opened!


Twilio and SendGrid Quick Integration using Cloud Elements Messaging Hub from David Honan on Vimeo.

Find out about more integrations available this summer at Documents Hub (Box, Dropbox and Google Drive) integrates with the Messaging Hub to automatically attach (or save) documents, photos and files to SendGrid and Twilio messages.

Cloud Elements provides pre-built integrations into leading cloud services that help app developers eliminate weeks to months of development time by automating the selection, provisioning, monitoring and maintenance of connections into cloud platforms. Their clients spend more time building their unique business functionality and less time integrating common services; thereby reaching their market faster and more cost effectively. For more information, visit

Erika Berkland is the Partner Marketing Manager at SendGrid. Her background is in both emerging technology and global corporations where she thrives in working with partners to deliver impactful and measurable marketing programs. Outside of SendGrid, Erika enjoys spending time outdoors with all the great activities Colorado has to offer.

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