Growing Up is Hard to Do – How to Scale with SendGrid

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GOFOBO_LogoIt’s what every software company strives for – growth! But in the email world, the bigger or more popular you are, the more email you tend to send. As a start-up, you may have chosen systems and processes that worked well when you were a big fish in a small pond, but as you enter the high powered sea of success, your growth is starting to stretch your resources.

Many of our clients have made the switch to SendGrid as they searched for a system that could scale and provide the flexibility they needed to effectively communicate with their growing user base. Such was the case for movie site, Gofobo®. Gofobo® is the premier website for movie fans to get free tickets and win great prizes. Users can see new movies for free, enter contests, go to live events, share reviews, and connect with each other.

In their early stages, Gofobo® sent around 2,000 transactional emails per day, but as the site gained popularity, their volumes quickly increased to 1.5 million emails per month, sometimes reaching 3.75 million emails sent monthly. Their hosting provider simply could not handle these volumes and also couldn’t provide the analytics Gofobo®  needed to build a successful email program.

Through word of mouth (thank you awesome customers!) Gofobo® learned about SendGrid. Once they migrated over to SendGrid, Gofobo® had the tools they needed to improve their email performance, and the results were astounding.

  • Spam complaints decreased significantly from 5% to .05%.
  • Delivery rates that were once at 52% climbed to 98%.
  • Their healthy open rate of 35% increased to 60%.

Gofobo® continues to leverage SendGrid’s tools to ensure they can maintain high email deliverability rates and response rates.

  • The Event Webhook helps them closely monitor all of their metrics.
  • Spam Checker aids in preventing delivery failures before they deploy email campaigns.
  •, the load testing tool by SendGrid Labs, allows them to stress test their applications prior to releasing them to the public.

At each point of the process, Gofobo® maximizes the SendGrid platform to yield the best results possible as it relates to their continued growth in the market.

Read the Gofobo® case study to find out why their Director of Development, Dan Ellis, says SendGrid helps him make smart decisions for the business.

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