ISPs Like It Hot


Yes, you read that right. ISPs like it hot. So what do they like hot…or more accurately, warm? Your IP! A new IP that hasn’t sent any mail through it yet is considered cold…and unknown to the ISPs. Why? Because mail hasn’t been sent through the IP yet, it has no reputation established with the ISPs. So the best way … Read more ›

Latin America Developer Ecosystem: A Year in Review

sao paulo

Four months ago I started working for SendGrid as a Developer Evangelist in Latin America. It was a big challenge to take on, and I’ve been in touch with more people than I can count in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Colombia. Here are some of the challenges I’ve been facing and my impressions about them: Hackathons Hackathons have been … Read more ›

The Hackathon Guide to Building Your First iPhone App


So you’re at a hackathon and just came up with an idea for an awesome mobile app. You want to start, but you are not quite sure where to begin. Your options are to use a tool like PhoneGap, or create a native application. This is definitely a personal choice, but I am a proponent for native over hybrid (PhoneGap, … Read more ›

You’re Pricing Out The Evangelist

Evangelisdae Raptoridae - Extinct dinosaur evangelist

In the past, evangelists have been central to hackathons, a large group of helpful people meandering the event doing all they can to make the event better for the people there. Recently, however, I attended a hackathon where I was the only mentor wandering the event, the only one to stay past 3am, and one of only two evangelists at … Read more ›

Oh, Cardless: My Business Card Email App

Screengrab of Martyn's use of Oh, Cardless

Due to a recent printing fail, I’ve found myself without any business cards and I’m about to head out to How To Web in Bucharest for 3 days where I’m certain I’ll meet a few folks who ask for my details. Luckily, I work for a company that makes sending and receiving emails from an application easy, so I whipped … Read more ›

Marketing to Developers: Relationships Over Leads


I recently had the pleasure of speaking to an audience of my peers at the awesome Defrag conference, held annually in Broomfield, CO. I spoke on a topic that I’ve been thinking about for some time, about how we’ve approached the community side of the SendGrid business. Here’s the complete slide deck. Let me know what you think, by commenting … Read more ›

Join SendGrid at Dreamforce in San Francisco (Nov 18th-21st)


It’s shaping up to be an exciting and busy week. We’re happy to share that SendGrid is participating in’s annual user and developer conference, Dreamforce 2013. Dreamforce kicked off yesterday and lasts through Thursday, November 21. Exclusive SendGrid Offer and Presentation Visit SendGrid in the Developer Zone (exhibit #22) where we will have an exclusive SendGrid offer for Dreamforce … Read more ›