Empowering You

Empowering You

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We want this to be the year you use SendGrid but more than anything we want you to be able to integrate and customize the system to your specific needs. As we near the end of our reasons you need SendGrid, it is all about empowering our users. We don’t have any complex code or integration. We’re compatible with your systems, your technology and your people so you can customize us your way.

Reason #7: Customize the System To Your Own Unique Needs.

SendGrid has multiple APIs that allow you to customize the service and retrieve information. These APIs allow you to configure your system to deliver specific reports and push data in real time – giving you the information you need to improve and expand your business operations. And by working with developers, we continue to augment our API collection to create more robust options that support your web applications.

Reason #8: Integrate in Minutes, Not Weeks.
We understand that every customer is different and uses different technology to power their business. That’s why we built a system that uses popular protocols and support systems to allow for easy and quick integration. By just changing three SMTP settings, you can start using the SendGrid platform in minutes – not weeks, allowing customers to start sending email faster than ever before.

We will wrap up our countdown tomorrow, stay tuned!

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