Customer Success Story: IndiGo Car Hire Increased Revenue by Improving Their Delivery Metrics

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IndiGo Car Hire specializes in providing U.K. car and van hire at over 17,000 holiday destinations worldwide including Spain, France, Dubai and the USA.  They send over 300,000 emails per month delivering sales promotions, reservation confirmations, modifications and cancellations. As a broker, they rely on email to help earn new business and drive ongoing customer loyalty.  However, low delivery rates were negatively impacting their sales and retention rates.

They realized that they needed to upgrade their email systems and decided to give SendGrid a try.  After a quick integration and set up, they achieved immediate results. Response rates doubled and as a result revenue increased by 20%.

Find out more about how IndiGo Car Hire increased their sales by switching to SendGrid. Read  the entire case study. 

Jill Petre is part of the Inbound Marketing Group at SendGrid, working to educate the world on email deliverability and best practices. Her specialties include event planning, content management, corporate branding, and social media. Jill received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado’s College of Architecture and Planning, and enjoys good design, photography, and visual marketing content.

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