Customer Success Story: Hospitality Marketplace, MorningCroissant, Increases Bookings by 50% with SendGrid

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The delivery rates for our newsletter and transactional emails are close to 100% since we’ve been on the SendGrid platform.” –Alix Taffle, Co-Founder, MorningCroissant

MorningCroissant is a short-term rental marketplace that connects travelers with local homeowners who have unique accommodations in France. Users of their platform rely on email to check availability, confirm bookings, and modify accommodations. They also send promotional email highlighting accommodations to drive activity.

MorningCroissant sends approximately 20,000 emails per month. Before SendGrid, they used their own servers to send system emails and a free email service provider to send their newsletters, but both failed to deliver their messages, with 30% being caught in spam filters. They also had very little data about their system emails to help troubleshoot the delivery failures, so they needed to quickly find a solution to eliminate customer complaints and increase their revenues.

They moved to SendGrid’s cloud email service because it provided a more reliable platform that offered robust metrics and delivery assurance for their email program. The result was a 98.5% delivery rate for their newsletter and a 99.5% delivery rate for their transactional email streams. Consequently, they’ve increased their bookings by 50%.

Read the full case study to learn more about how MorningCroissant improved their email performance by switching to SendGrid. Thinking about switching from your own email infrastructure to a third party? Read our free Buy vs. Build Guide to help you make the right decision.

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