Customer Success Story: Glö Invites SendGrid to Become its Partner in Email Deliverability Management

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Glö helps couples streamline their wedding planning by providing elegant paperless wedding invitations, save the dates and coordinating wedding websites with sophisticated RSVP technology. Glö sends over 18,000 emails each month, but about 30% of their email was routinely being undelivered by the ISPs resulting in numerous customer service calls and complaints from their users. While they tried to solve the delivery failures internally, they neither had the time nor the expertise to properly diagnose and fix their email deliverability issues. They needed a way to ensure that every paperless invite their customers sent to their guest lists got delivered to the inbox instead of the spam folder.

Glö turned to SendGrid for a full service solution that could handle email deployment, email deliverability and serve as their external experts. In choosing SendGrid, they received 24/7 support that eliminated the need for an internal deliverability team. This team helped them implement best practices that resulted in a 99% delivery rate. Now that their emails are reaching the inbox, there are less customer service demands due to fewer complaints, and they have a solution that can scale with them as they grow.

Read the entire case study to learn how and see what Glö’s founder and CEO, Taryn Westberg had to say about making the switch to SendGrid.

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