Automating the Accelerate Program Using Stamplay


Stamplay + SendGrid Stamplay is basically lego blocks for developers. Essentially, it allows developers to connect disparate API endpoints together to build a functioning backend, all through an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. I first came across the tool during my office hours at 500 Startups and I immediately saw a lot of value in it. In addition to connecting endpoints seamlessly, … Read more ›

The SendGrid Internal Hackathon


In mid-August, we hosted our second-annual Internal Hackathon and once again, it was a total success! Over 100 employees, ~30 hacks, and 24 hours of creative excellence! The whole idea of hackathons is to bring people together in a creative environment and give them the freedom to build something amazing. All too often now we see companies hosting internal hackathons … Read more ›

10 Reasons I Love Being a Developer Evangelist (In Pictures)


I’ve now been a Developer Evangelist (or as I call it, a Devangelist) for 29 months. I’ve admittedly been close to burn out twice, but bounced back from both close-to-burnouts with the knowledge to keep myself from doing it again. I’ve been all over the world, spoken at some of the best conferences, attended some of the best hackathons, learned … Read more ›

The Trouble with Tech Debt and Information Debt

tech debt

It might be weird to imagine, but the first things that come to mind when I think of tech debt and information debt is Star Trek and cats. Specifically, I think of tribbles and wrangling kittens. You might think this is a total stretch, but let me explain… Tribbles are basically little fluff balls that can multiply seemingly exponentially in … Read more ›

How to Open Source Your Code in 11 Steps


Before you open source a library, there are a few things that you need to do to ensure you’re following all the rules and that the code is ready for the community. Here’s the 11 step pre-flight checklist that we put together internally at SendGrid: Check the code to make sure that no proprietary information like usernames and passwords are … Read more ›

Conference/Event Speaking as a Developer


If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you’re probably aware that I hold knowledge sharing in the highest regard possible. I’m lucky in that I get to share knowledge in many ways: blogging, hackathon mentorship, start-up office hours, etc. One of my absolute favourite ways of sharing knowledge though, is event and conference speaking. Over the last 2.5 years, … Read more ›

Fast Food Code Challenge: Taco Bell + SendGrid

sendgrid_taco bell

At SendGrid we love our customers and I personally love Taco Bell. So it makes me proud to say that we power the email receipts of Taco Bell’s new mobile application! I thought I would let my colleagues take a break and I’ll take on the hard task of reviewing Taco Bell’s new app. I know, its a tough job, … Read more ›