Codecademy Launches New Lessons for SendGrid APIs

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Today, Codecademy launched a partnership with SendGrid and nine other companies to help novice developers learn how to leverage APIs to create new projects, sites, and apps.

SendGrid has always been dedicated to making developers’ lives easier with flexible, well-documented APIs. With the launch of Codecademy’s API lessons, learning to integrate with SendGrid has become even easier. Now, new developers can get a step by step tutorial on how to send email with SendGrid without having to just rely on our documentation.

Codecademy has been an amazing resource for people to learn the basics of programming, and the addition of API lessons will allow its users to harness the power of existing technologies within their own creations. We have already seen amazing products built on top of SendGrid’s APIs, so we are really excited to see what Codecademy’s new developers will create. 2013 will be a fun year for knowledge sharing at SendGrid and we’re very happy to kick it off with this great partnership.

Check out the new SendGrid API course and other API lessons from new Codecademy partners such as Twilio, NPR, Parse, and YouTube.

Danny Randa has been working in digital marketing since the launch of Nickelodeon's virtual world Nicktropolis in 2006. After three years of managing interactive marketing campaigns for Nickelodeon's game, he completed an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Marketing at the Leeds School of Business in Boulder, CO. He now works at SendGrid helping developers solve their email infrastructure challenges.

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