Ignite Engagement at a 1:1 Level with Boomtrain and SendGrid

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The following is a guest post from Shannon Johlic from Boomtrain. Read more about Boomtrain here and more about Shannon at the bottom of this post.  Seth Godin once said, “I don’t want to get email from anybody; I want to get ‘me-mail.’” With Boomtrain and SendGrid, it’s time to start giving your customers “me-mail.” Today, we are excited to announce a new partnership that enables you to make your emails hyper-relevant for each and every one of your subscribers through machine intelligence powered content recommendations automatically built into your SendGrid emails. In today’s 1:1 economy, where customers are demanding a more relevant, personal, and timely user experience, there’s never been a better time to pair the industry’s leading email Read More ›

Appboy and SendGrid Advance Email and Mobile Marketing Automation Solutions With Expanded Relationship


The following is a guest post from Matt McRoberts at Appboy. Learn more about Matt at the bottom of this post and learn more about Appboy at Over the past few years, Appboy has worked closely with premier email provider, SendGrid, to establish a seamless integration between our industry-leading Mobile Marketing Automation solution and SendGrid’s email delivery platform, providing Appboy users with powerful email capabilities. Partnership Benefits Because we recognize the importance and benefit of tying in email to your mobile marketing efforts, we’re pleased to announce the growth of our ongoing relationship with SendGrid, the leading delivery platform for email that matters. Relying on Appboy for email has never been a better decision—applying comprehensive customer data and behavior to Read More ›

Canadian Email Campaign Tool, Emailicious, is Partnering with SendGrid

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SendGrid is happy to announce a new partnership with a great Canadian email marketing product: Emailicious. Emailicious is an intuitive email campaign tool that makes importing lists, segmenting recipients, and sending marketing emails easy. In order to ensure these messages are delivered, they chose to build their platform on top of SendGrid. SendGrid is the largest email infrastructure as a service provider that is the ideal email delivery engine for Emailicious’ product. For users of Emailicious, if they already have a SendGrid account, they can log into their platform and receive a discount on the Emailicious product and simply send messages with their SendGrid email credits. Through Emailicious, SendGrid customers can create and send marketing email campaigns with the unique Read More ›

It’s Now Easier to Deploy Some Demo Applications With the Heroku Button


At SendGrid, we’ve created several demo applications to make developers’ lives easier. Deploying these applications has involved following their prospective README’s step-by-step guides. But now, we’re starting to make deploying some of our main applications such as the SendGrid EventKit, Parse API, and JavaScript below as easy as clicking a button – the Heroku button. sendgrid-eventkit – An open source project for integrating and receiving notifications for SendGrid’s Event Webhook. sendgrid-parse-api-example– An example application that shows how to use the SendGrid Parse Webhook. It’s additionally a boilerplate of code that you can adjust to your own needs sendgridjs– A proxy so you can send email via JavaScript through SendGrid. First, a little about the Heroku button. How it works is straightforward: Add a Read More ›

R/GA Adds SendGrid to The Software Platform Lab (SPL)


At SendGrid, we strive to create better experiences for our customers. Our partnerships with innovative, industry-leading companies are designed to deliver on this mission. Today, we’re pleased to announce our partnership in R/GA’s Software Platform Lab (SPL). As one of the world’s leading full service digital agencies, R/GA has led the way in transforming the conventional agency business model with modern approaches to digital interconnectivity. R/GA provides innovative and interactive digital campaigns for iconic brands including Nike, MasterCard, L’Oreal, Unilever, Telstra, and Google. The Software Platform Lab helps brands choose combinations of partners from among hundreds of third-party digital marketing software providers. Clients receive the benefits of a trusted advisor that provides them with a simplified process in making brand-critical Read More ›

Gophers can haz A/B Testing in Transactional Email

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How much do you know about the awesome folks @SendWithUs? Here @SendGrid, we’re huge fans, and quite frankly friends, of theirs. They provide an amazing service: A/B testing for transactional email templates! If you haven’t heard from them and you are a SendGrid customer, today is your lucky day since we have a partnership that might interest you! But enough about that, lets get a bit technical! I noticed that SendWithUs didn’t have a Golang library. So I figured I could build them one and allow every Go developer out there to interact with their service without having to implement their own 🙂 Go get it! Get it? How do I send an email? Can’t get any easier than that! Read More ›

Startup Resources

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Startups Are Everywhere We hear a lot about startups in the news, blogs, movies, and even commercials. The notion of creating a product with nothing but sheer willpower, ramen, some college buddies, and an empty garage sounds romantic. Dreams of hockey stick growth, press in TechCrunch, and Mark Cuban becoming an investor feels inevitable. In my opinion those hopes and dreams are fuel in the nascent stages of your company, but not usually what happens. It’s Hard It’s hard work finding product-market fit. That process takes time, money, and resources (commodities most startups are lacking). However, many companies such as SendGrid provide those resources that startups have usually paid for. I’ve compiled a list below of a some of the Read More ›

Get More Marketing Email Power with Digioh and SendGrid

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The following is a guest post from Rishi Shah, Co-founder and CEO of Digioh. Digioh allows you to securely send, store, and deliver large files from the cloud, and keep track of every download, all without having to write a single line of code, or ever having to use FTP. Send downloadable files through email Remember when you could send attachments–your beautifully designed one-pager or catchy new mp3 single–to your email marketing lists? If you’re as old as I am, you do, and you may also know that, because of the rise of virus-embedded attachments, most email marketing systems don’t let you do this anymore (and those that do typically end up in the spam folder). For the many of Read More ›

SendGrid Announces Partnerships With Three Major Tech Accelerators

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Today, we’re very excited to announce new strategic partnerships with Techstars, 500 Startups, and Global Accelerator Network. Now, the startups that are accepted into these three programs will be automatically received into our Accelerate Startup Program that gives free early access to SendGrid’s products, mentorship, and support.      As a company built for developers, by developers, we understand the complexities surrounding developing new applications and how instrumental mentorship is in overcoming them. Mentorship has had a major impact on our scalability since we graduated from TechStars in 2009, so a big part of the Accelerate Program is providing similar guidance. Our international Developer Relations team will be leading this effort—they are known for providing their expertise and support at Read More ›

SendGrid Brings Email Deliverability to the IBM Cloud Marketplace


Today, we’re announcing a partnership with IBM that brings powerful email deliverability and scalability to the IBM Cloud marketplace. With our partnership, IBM clients can integrate a simple cloud-based email engine utilizing SendGrid’s proven delivery infrastructure into their web and mobile applications. The IBM Cloud marketplace offers clients access to more than 100 SaaS applications, IBM’s Bluemix platform-as-a-service with its suite of composable services, the powerful SoftLayer infrastructure-as-a-service and IBM’s rich intellectual capital and deep industry expertise. This single online destination with a suite of cloud services delivers a new buying experience for clients that enables line of business professionals to deploy new services faster, allows developers to build them with greater speed, and offers IT departments more creative, efficient, Read More ›

Join SendGrid at the Red Hat Summit in San Francisco (April 14th-17th)

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This week is shaping up to be an exciting and busy one for us here at SendGrid. We’re happy to share that SendGrid is participating in Red Hat’s premier open source event for the enterprise IT industry, The Red Hat Summit 2014. The Red Hat Summit is kicking off today and lasts through Thursday, April 17th. Visit SendGrid @ Exhibit #1106 We invite you to visit SendGrid in the Partner Pavilion where you can learn about our participation in Red Hat’s OpenShift Marketplace, where customers of all sizes can learn, try, and buy application development solutions for DevOps. From the OpenShift Marketplace, customers can now access and manage their applications securely from a single, simple and safe location making it Read More ›

Snow Monkeys and SendGrid: A Match Made in Japan

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In December, we launched our partnership with Kozo Keikaku Engineering in Japan. In February, Brandon and I ventured back across the Pacific to visit our friends and jumpstart our involvement with the Tokyo developer community. It was such an amazing experience, I deemed it worthy of some real estate on the blog. Hopefully you’ll find the story as enjoyable as our trip. Hacking across Tokyo Music Hackday Tokyo Once again we joined the MHD crew for a weekend of hacking, which is always music to our ears. It was a packed house with around 200 people in attendance for the opening reception and approximately 150 developers building apps throughout the weekend. Since our friend, Mager already wrote up a nice review Read More ›